Where has the summer gone?

Wow I can't believe school is beginning already. It's crazy how summer has come and gone again. My kids are excited to go back to school, but I know when the homework starts piling up, they'll be changing there minds. LOL!! Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. Summer has kept my family and I quite busy. We just got back from a waterpark for our little vacation before school starts. it was a great way to end our summer break.

Unfortunately I don't have much room in my smaller-sized home, so I recently transformed 1/2 of my laundry room into my scrapbook room/office for my husband (which he doesn't get much...). Below are a couple of pictures. I used fabric to brighten up the colors in the room. It's not extravagant, but it works. As long as you have an 'area' to scrap, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, right?!?!?!?!