Where has the summer gone?

Wow I can't believe school is beginning already. It's crazy how summer has come and gone again. My kids are excited to go back to school, but I know when the homework starts piling up, they'll be changing there minds. LOL!! Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. Summer has kept my family and I quite busy. We just got back from a waterpark for our little vacation before school starts. it was a great way to end our summer break.

Unfortunately I don't have much room in my smaller-sized home, so I recently transformed 1/2 of my laundry room into my scrapbook room/office for my husband (which he doesn't get much...). Below are a couple of pictures. I used fabric to brighten up the colors in the room. It's not extravagant, but it works. As long as you have an 'area' to scrap, it doesn't matter how big or small it is, right?!?!?!?!


8 Year Old's Birthday Cake

At my daughter's 8th birthday party, the girls decorated flip flops. It was so adorable.
Here all the girls are lined up.

She had a pool party theme, so of course I had to make a pool party cake. Top view.

Here is side view of cake.

And another view of cake. This cake was fun to do. Not as time consuming as others I have done.

1st picture is finished project.
2nd picture is up close at embellishments around circles.
3rd pic is another look.
4th pic is 'Birthdays' title on page. You can also see the stars on the patterned paper.

Here is a calendar I made using cardstock, ribbon, and various embellishments. It's hard to see the patterned paper behing the squares, but it has glitter stars on it. Very cute (or at least I thought). Sorry if the pics are blurry my camera is still broken. I'm in desperate need of a new camera that's not too expensive.
Items used: stamp, liquid glass, inks are from from Close To My Heart.


Mother's Day Gift

This is a personal gift I made for my mother-in-law and my mom for Mother's Day. It's a 5 x 7 photo, that I matted onto cardstock and decorated it. I printed onto the picture itself, and cut flowers out from my Cricut. Then I made the stem by stamping onto cardstock and cutting it out. Once again sorry the pictures aren't the greatest, still don't have my digital camera fixed yet.


Birthday Cake

My daughter loves Hannah Montana, so this is the cake she chose for me to make. This was rather simple cake. I used royal icing for flowers, and buttercream icing.

Birthday Cake

This cake was for my daughter's 5th birthday, and my son's 3rd birthday. I absolutely loved doing this one, however it was very time consuming. The green 'grass' is coconut colored green. Cupcakes with Blow-pops, The top of the castle was the Wilton muffin pan (very cute pan).

Tasty Savings Book

This is my rendition a coupon book. This is only the front cover. The whole book is finished however, I haven't gotten it binded yet. So when I do I will post more pics for you to enjoy or even try for yourself.

Waterfall Card/Invitation

I thought this card was so neat, so I decided I had to make one myself. It's called a waterfall card. I made the fish and waves with my Cricut. Bare with the picture quality, my camera quit working, and I had to use my cell phone.
My daughter's birthday party this year is a swim party, so I'm using these as invitations. The white will have printed words about the party.

My Children

Here is a picture of my 3 beautiful children!! Ages 7, 5, & 3. Just had to showcase them as well. They are my life....then of course scrapbooking is 2nd....lol


Baby Shower

I made this cake for a baby shower at work. It's pretty small, because there was only a handful of people. The 'mama' really enjoyed the cake. The cake was strawberry to hence the 'pink' coloring......and obviously yes it's a girl!

50th Birthday Cake

My kids adopted grandma turned 50 in April this year. I made her this cake. The fence and the black road which reads 'It's Downhill From Here' are made from fondant (1st time using fondant, and probably the last...LOL), the rest is buttercream icing. I had a blast making this cake. The tombstones were printed on paper, and stuck in with toothpicks.